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Las Vegas Videos

Nestled in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas is known for its various forms of entertainment. The millions of lights that light up the streets are a small indication of the types of entertainment that is available throughout the city.

Although the town was established in 1905, it did not officially become a city until 1911. Since its development it became known as one of the most popular cities in the world. Many people go to Nevada to enjoy the activities and sights that only the entertainment capital of the world can offer.

Among the most popular features of the exciting city are casinos and hotels. These establishments offer gambling, shows and top rated restaurants. Live shows and concerts are just a couple of the activities that visitors can enjoy. Some of the shows have a world wide popularity. Entertainers often have shows two or three times a day, allowing many audiences the chance to see them.

Although Las Vegas is located in the middle of the desert, it is decorated with many green lawns and trees. Since the city is nestled in the middle of the driest conditions in America, there is a water concern and the citizens are encouraged to use other means of decorating yards and homes.

Because the city is known as a tourist hot spot, there are many jobs created in the massive hotels and casinos. This has caused this brightly lit city to be an attraction for those looking to get into show business. Many different types of artists are employed by the entertainment industry of this city.

Many people from all over the world go the middle of the desert to find some of the best entertainment available. Las Vegas has many shows and activities that families and individuals often attend. The city is one of the most visited places in america.

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